Thursday, 12 December 2013

A New year to look forward to !

We have taken a very brave move and were putting G in to pre school for a couple of morning a week in the new year and well I'm dreading it - the school its self is about 400 meters away, but it could be a million miles away as far as I'm concerned.

We are at the moment going to a playgroup one day a week - at the pre school. He loves it there but when he wonders off to play he comes back in the room looking all lost , confused and upset.

Me and G have only spent a handful of days apart and I going to miss him so much & I think hope he will miss me too.
My G has got so many problems and my biggest worry is his speech , he's 3 in February and still only has about 50 words to his vocabulary.We are hoping that pre school will improve his speech., but I'm worried he will want something and they wont understand him. He gets so upset.

Then there is his falling over, G has been diagnosed with lax ligaments and so he's prone to falling over. I know they will look after my little G but I just cant help but worry.... is this normal ?

But on the other hand I'm looking forward to having time for a cuppa tea in peace and quite, been able to blog on a regular basis , watch This Morning and not Peppa Pig ........

I know he will enjoy making new friends and I will enjoy the free time but I will miss my time with G. 3 years is a long time of spending tie with just one person.


  1. It's very normal. My son only had a few words when he went to school. He had delayed speech which we now think was due to him being dyslexic. He will probably cry every time you leave him but within 2 mins he will be smiling and playing again. I learnt to give my son to the teaching assistant, turn and walk away. I didn't look back as it will make it worse. Good luck!

  2. Aww it must be hard. I know it is difficult letting go of them when they are that little bit older as well. I know I struggled to put my Emily in nursery age 3, but the other two started at 8 months and that was much easier. As for G's speech - don't worry - all kids are different and they all come on at different stages xxx

  3. I will have all this next year, Dylan is always with me and it will be so weird when he goes off to nursery! I hope it goes well and just think of all the biscuits you can eat without sharing!

  4. Its going to be hard but you are doing the right thing. Imagine how much harder it signs be if you waited till he started school x